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way you can. >> good advice. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "go live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead bracing for another heatwave. temperatures headed back for the triple digits. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 27. i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist steve rudin. we had a short break. that is over. >> today will not be so bad. but tomorrow through saturday we will crank up the heat and humidity again. not expected to be as extreme as last week, but still uncomfortable. look at these temperatures.
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a nice start to this wednesday morning. 72 degrees at dulles, 70 in gaithersburg. 81 at reagan national airport 80 degrees in quantico. dew point levels are very comfortable. it will be a beautiful morning and a quiet afternoon at. high-pressure overhead. daytime highs hovering around 90 degrees today. look at the extended outlook. around 100 degrees. we are not hitting back on the highway this morning. traffic is moving at speed with no accidents. there was construction in several areas, the beltway near 66 and 66 outside the beltway and westbound near glebe road. looks good at rappahannock on 95 as well as springfield. looks good on both sides of the beltway between university and
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new hampshire ave. not causing any disruptions construction. back to you. >> thank you. and mount rainier police officer charged with sexual abuse and attempted murder is expected in court today. gene gillette turned himself in and is scheduled for a bond hearing. he shot and wounded a man that he claimed was a carjacker on july 2. he was indicted on 12 counts and it was not self-defense. >> i thought it would be safer with him being in the neighborhoods, but it only makes things worse. >> he invited a 20-year-old victim to his house to take part in the filming of a pornographic movie. after the officer asked him to perform sexual acts, the man tried to flee in the opposite's personal car and the officer shot him several times.
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faces up to life in prison if convicted. fairfax county police intensified their search for serial slasher. the most recent attack was monday at fair oaks mall. this man is seen in the surveillance photographs. police believe he is responsible for at least five attacks at three area shopping centers. in each case he distracted a female shopper and then cut her. the debt showdown drags on. six days left until a potential default. lawmakers appear to be far from a deal andthat could pass both houses. john boehner is rewriting his deal. the senate is debating a plant put forward by harry reid that results in a new warning about not raising the debt ceiling. >> to have a default would be a very serious issue, not just for
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the u.s. alone but for the global economy. >> that was the fimf chief speaking. oregon congressman david woo says that he will step down after the debt crisis, is settled. he is leaving office for the well-being of his children, says after being accused of inan inappropriate sexual relationship. christopher barry is scheduled in landlord tenant court for an eviction hearing. he is accused of not paying his rent in june. the house homeland security committee will hold another hearing on muslim radicalization in america if after the committee chairman said more
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than 40 somali americans have been recruited to fight with terrorists in their homeland. counter-terrorism officials say the actual number could be a lot lower. the washington post is reporting al qaeda may be on the brink of collapse. the revelation comes three months after the death of osama bin laden. his death was a turning point. the report says continuous attacks by drone aircraft have also helped to propel the terror network. a wall street brokerage says failure to raise the debt ceiling could cost the u.s. $100 billion per year. and gm hopes to give the sales of the chevy volt a joklt. linda bell has more. >> general motors has been heavily promoting the volt, but sales are trailing the nissan
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leaf. gm will try to produce 500 per month. the obama administration is lowering its fuel economy target to make allowances for light trucks. slightly lower than the 56.2 mpg previously thought. dippy morgan says all of the political wrangling over plan to reduce the deficit may cost the u.s. its aaa rating adding $100 billion per year to government cost. stock-index futures indicating a flat open for stocks this morning. a d.c. area doctors' group is saying that high stocks are just as bad for you as a pack of cigarettes. more on that story coming up in the next hour. that is business news from
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bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:36 77 degrees. , still ahead, a health the happy meal. big change is coming to the golden arches. the redskins reached a deal with one star. and
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wednesday morning 81 degrees at reagan national airport. comfortable temperatures across the area. a nice warm up later this morning. lowno fog. lisa baden will be here in a moment. in winchester, 68. in cumberland, 68, nothing on the satellite and radar. a few clouds right now. we will see that throughout the day time with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperatures will rebound to about 90 degrees. tonight, a few high clouds with nighttime lows in the 60's and low 70's. humidity cranking up a little tomorrow 89-93 degrees. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. it is a good morning.
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the major problems to report. clearing overnight construction so you should have the all clear. i have selected a couple cameras. this is the beltway at route 1 in college park. i am loving the trip at fedex field. look goods out of town at the wilson bridge. nowhere is on the virginia side in alexandria. the beltway is quiet. looks good on 270 out of frederick into montgomery county. back to you. >> thank you. 77 degrees 4:41 on this wednesday morning. dozens of local post offices could be on the chopping block. we will tell you where. first, fighting for the right to work in
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welcome back. checking our top stories a grand jury indicted a mount rainier police officer on several charges including sexual abuse and attempted murder prosecutors. say the charges against officer gene gillette stems from a july 2 shooting at his capitol heights home. he's expected to appear in court today. the house and senate are debating competing plans to cut spending and raise the nation's debt ceiling before a potential default. the house could vote on speaker john boehner's plan tomorrow.
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it's not clear if he will have the votes to pass. a huge fire near a plastics factory in northern california was accidental. it sent smoke billowing into the air. nearby homes and businesses were evacuated. there were no injuries or serious damage. the attorney for the man suspected of carrying -- carrying out last week's terror attacks in norway and say that his client is likely insane. that the man claimed to belong to a terror group. anders breivik has confessed to the massacre. norwegian norwegian police are under fire for their response to that. a 16-year-old jonae boozer faces child doesn'assault and
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burglary charges. she was babysitting a baby and took him to northeast washington. he was not harmed. in frederick county, both sides are fighting for survival in the economy. the issue of is whether the government privatizes hundreds of jobs. ben eisler explains. >> 100 people stormed winchester hall. among them, 27-year-old county employee lisa. >> it hurts your pride and everybody's morale is down. >> she feels that she could lose her house if the county privatizes her job. dozens of other residents gave the commissioner and a piece of their mind. >> i am urging all of the voters
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in frederick county never to vote for you again. b>> but the board president feels that they should outsource some services and that he would've never -- would never do anything to hurt the city. >> we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. >> citizens argued privatization would hurt them. >> we need them to do the yellow pages test. if it is listed in the yellow pages, then we should outsource it they say. that's ridiculous. >> no word on when any final decision will be made. ben eisler, abc 7 news. in the day ahead , a ceremony will be held at walter reed army medical center to mark the
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closing of the hospital's northwest d.c. campus. walter reed is being realigned with the national naval medical center in bethesda. the georgia avenue campus will close on september 15 and all remaining patients will be transferred to bethesda at the end of august. the u.s. postal service's money problems could soon lead to the closing of thousands of post offices. many of them are in our area. 95 stations in virginia are on the list to be scheduled for closure -- studied for closure. along with 42 in maryland and 19 in d.c. imposes on benning road in the district in the middle of a busy area. >> it will put more burden on the other spots. >> a lot of us depend on that post office. i still depend on the post office because i don't have access to the internet, for a lot of my deliveries. >> one major reason for the postal service financial problems, customers going on
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line to do business. the recent heatwave took its toll. in toll health officials say that three people have died from heat related illnesses. they include a middle-aged prince george's county man, and older baltimore woman and a middle-aged somerset county man. all of them had underlying no conditions. the west nile virus has been found in the district. the disease was discovered in mosquito samples taken from cleveland park and adams morgan and another area. people are urged to take precautions even though the risk of catching this is low. the redskins wasted no time re-assigning santana moss. he will accept a three-year $15 million contract offer. he has led the redskins in receiving each year since he arrived in 2005. we will have much more on
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redskins knows including a potentially huge trade, coming up in the next half-hour. 77 degrees 4:49. change and choices at the nation's biggest fast-food chain. mcdonald's is going on a diet.
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wednesday morning, warm
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temperatures downtown, 81 degrees. in the western suburbs, and temperatures in the 60's in cumberland 73 in hagerstown, 70 in frederick. a slow warm-up for the morning. plenty of cool air. in michigan, 55 degrees in the upper peninsula. indeed beginning to build to the west of us. heat and humidity will arrive in time for the end of the week and into the upcoming weekend. dew point levels are comfortable and will remain so for the day. it will feel not as sticky. high clouds for the overnight hours, not going to amount to much. highs in the upper 80's to low 90's. tonight in the 60's and close to about 70 in the district. tomorrow around 90 degrees. now to lisa baden for the rush
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hour. traffic seems to be moving and handling its own even around construction projects that are getting ready to clear out. we are going to talk about traffic on the beltway and rte. 7/tysons, inner loop side, a minor crash already moved to the shoulder. that's leading 66 towards the toll road. in upper marlborough route 4 inbound, that begins at 301 passed ritchie marlboro. that should be out of the way quickly. in virginia, a look and 95 traffic. the headlights are out of springfield. everything is open between britain and baltimore. back to you. >> thank you. for decades happy meals have been a staple in many children's diets. now mcdonnell's is making some changes to the happy meal in an effort to make it healthier. caroline has details. >> hamburger, soft drink, and
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french fries. >> they are the ingredients of happy meals. ronald mcdonald and his app e- mail -- and his happy meal makes children happy. >> i like that comes with french fries. >> concerns about south could obesity are getting bigger and a happy meal is getting smaller. >> i have always said one of the problem we have is the portions are much bigger than they used to be. >> she is thrilled that the happy meal will come with only half the amount of french fries and will always come with apple's. >> apples. >> the change comes after a critics pointed out that not one thappy meal combination met nutritional standards. the new one as 15% less sodium and 20% less saturated fat. >> i still think it's a lot of calories for the portion.
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>> lower fat and less food would be fine as long as there is a toy. >> abc 7 news reporting. 4:56 77 degrees. still ahead, the new fight for netflix just days after increasing prices.
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officer indicted, a former officer of the year, attempted murder. >> and the growing frustration on capitol hill as the debt showdown drags on. >> and the redskins get back to work. find out what news they make as they get ready to -- what moves they make as they get ready to hit the field. good morning washington at 5:00" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 27. iambs a nascent s am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. meteorologist steve rudin. >> get out and enjoy it, but doebecause humidity is coming

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